The N.S.S. has 3 units with 250 students (110 male, 140 female) headed by Programme Officers Prof. Pratibha Chiplunkar, Prof. R.M.Patil and Prof. Shailesh Padwal. Prof. Pratibha Chiplunkar is the N.S.S. Co-ordinator of one open N.S.S. unit comprising 50 students from western suburban colleges. The activities designed by the college allow and help students to transform great ideas into practice. The Program officers identify areas and launch projects in the adopted slums/ villages bringing long term benefits to the villagers. The NSS unit has close ties with NGOs and social welfare organizations. The NSS unit continues to find out new and innovative channels for the students to create and perform obligatory functions towards the development of community, state and country. This year, there was special focus on activities for the defense and development of the girl students.
Like every year, the NSS department was in the forefront of extracurricular activities in the college and at the University level.
Library Advisory Committee:
  • Ms. Sunita Hangari, S.Y.B.Com, and Ms. Manjula Kadu, F.Y.B.Com, participated in a University level Water Conservation Workshop on 10th April 2013 at Thakur College.
  • 50 NSS volunteers and 2 programme officers took part in the Martial Arts & Cultural Program on University Foundation Day at Kalina Campus on 18th July 2013.
  • On World Peace Day, on 6th August, a Peace Rally was held by the Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal at Azad Maidan. 4 Open N.S.S Unit volunteers participated in it.
  • Municipal School Adoption Training Program was held on 14th August 2013 at R.D. National College. Mr. Nitin of FY.BCOM and Mr. Subhash of SY.BCOM took part.
  • Surtal Program - Yuvak Biradari was held on 21st August 2013 at PrabodhanThakare Hall. 10 NSS volunteers participated.
  • Disaster Management Training Workshop was held on 3rd and 4th September 2013 at P.D.Lions College, Malad. Babasagar Shetty of T.Y. Bcom and Priyanka Rahate of S.Y.Bcom participated.
  • Leadership Training Program was organized by the University of Mumbai from 4th September to 8th September 2013 at Manori. Rahul Sharma, NitinYadav and Sunita Hangarangi took part.
  • In the Paper Bag Making initiative of the Western Suburban Colleges, 13 participants from our college took part.
  • Investor Group / Candi Valley Group activities on 21st September and 22nd September 2013, 112 and 123 N.S.S Volunteers took part respectively.
  • On N.S.S Foundation Day celebrated by the Western Suburban Colleges at D.T.S.S College campus, 31 girl students took part from the college. Over 343 students listened to a Panel Discussion on "Moral Policing the need of the Hour".
  • A Self Defense Training Program was organized at the college on 24th September, 2013. 23 Western Suburban Colleges and 232 girls took part, of which 98 were from our college.
  • An R.R.C. Workshop was organized by the University Of Mumbai N.S.S Cell and M.D.A.C.S on 26th and 27th September 2013 at Patkar College. Rahul Sharma and Nitin Yadav of F.Y. Bcom and Sunita Hangrangi, Asmita Rajbhar and Sakuntala Vishwakarma of S.Y. Bcom took part.
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